Do you cognize what happens when you style a web computer address or URL (like ) into your Internet Explorer browser's URL written record bar, and clink "GO" or pinch "Enter"?


Note: URL ability "Uniform Resource Locator" and is the computer code for a resource(e.g website) on the internet. It in reality represents a one-off string of book of numbers named an Internet Protocol(IP) computer address e.g

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Since words/names are easier for family to call back than numbers, URLs are nearly new to qualify website addresses - patch the internet dining-room attendant "interpretes" it to tight the "number String" code like.


The following label the procession of actions that occurs:

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1. Internet Explorer sends the web address( to your ISP(Internet Service Provider).

2. The ISP sends "" to the nighest link of the Domain Name Server(i.e DNS, which is really a set of databases shared amongst servers that stores the numerical addresses of Web sites. A new domain christen e.g is supplementary "or propagated" to these databases during the initial few weeks after the environment pet name is registered. Only after this has been done, will it be getable to kind the arena signature into a spectator and not get a "Page not found" defect letter).

3. The DNS returns the site's definite quantity(IP) code to your Internet Explorer(watch the reputation bar of your watcher when adjacent you're doing this online).

4. Your Internet Explorer sends the IP computer code to a router, which checks the assemblage on the Internet, and finds the least at work way to the restaurant attendant containing the website( that you've requested.

5. The restaurant attendant receives the IP address, acknowlegdes receiving it(your status bar may momentarily publication "website found"), past places the claim in a waiting line to interruption until quicker requests(by you or others e.g when heaps populace are maddening to go to have been fulfilled by the restaurant attendant.

6. The waiter afterwards sends the website's default leaf(index.htm for archetype) rear over and done with the Internet to your ISP, which next sends it to your information processing system.

The manoeuvre delineated in 1 to 6 preceding unremarkably happens in seconds, even next to a bumper-to-bumper cyberspace link.

When you browse mistreatment a nifty relation(e.g broadband/ satellite), the full procedure can take place in an minute.

However, sometimes when the ISP has a tribulation and/or its supplies are full say due to plentiful users online at the very time, protracted entree times can effect.

That's when at ladder 5 to 6 you discovery yourself ready for what come across like long periods for the webpages you requested to look.

So, how does the above information minister to you?

Well, for one thing, you are now accoutered to take to mean why this happens, when it does, so you should surface smaller amount frustrated, if at all.

Secondly, this cognition puts you in a responsibility to put across more intelligently beside the administator/ approve train for your Internet relation around the problem.

Thirdly, this handy knowhow puts you in a one-off character to meliorate other than internet users who submit yourself to comparable complications.

Share this with causal agency you cognize would windfall from it.

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